Saturday, September 6, 2008

my first Apple

Computer, that is. I've wanted a Mac for a long while, now, and I'm so excited to finally have one! (Even more excited since we got an amazing deal on it, and spent less than 1/2 the retail price by buying one with a cracked screen, and fixing it ourselves!) And by "ourselves" I mean "my genius engineer husband without any help from his wife".

Reasons I love my adorable MacBook so far:
  • It's white, and cute.
  • iChat - with video & voice. LOVE it.
  • Magnetic power adapter. The dogs tripped over it yesterday, and it popped right out. The computer didn't move an inch.
  • The Dock. It's pretty, and much more functional than the Windows start menu.
  • The speed. This thing is stinkin' fast!
  • Dashboard widgets. The radar at the click of my mouse. Love it.
  • iPhoto - I'm still partial to Picasa at this point, and excited about 'Picasa for Mac', but iPhoto is pretty amazing in the meantime.
  • PhotoBooth - It doesn't get much more fun than taking pictures of yourself with a dent in your face. Seriously.
  • Handbrake - I can finally rip DVD's to my iPod!
  • Mac Mail - I'm learning to love this app really quickly. Though, I'm not sure if it's taking up the majority of my hard drive...
All this to say, I'm certainly thankful for my wonderful new computer. In case I didn't already say so, LOVE it.

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