Saturday, September 20, 2008

Jehovah Nissi - Our Protector

I sit here, with Adam a few short feet away on the couch, playing golf on PS3 again, in the calm and quiet of my living room, knowing that today could have ended in a very different way.

Today could have ended in doctors offices, hospitals, or worse. Thankfully, (VERY thankfully), my precious husband and I are both home safe and sound.

This morning, Adam left a little after 8:30 to go get his mower blade sharpened. A mundane task if there ever was one. He kissed me goodbye, grabbed a granola bar, and headed out the door. I took my time waking up and getting into the shower. Just as I was about to turn the water off after my shower, I could hear my phone ringing where I'd left it on the bathroom counter. I hurriedly dried my hands and did my best to answer the phone with water dripping all around me. It was Adam.

Adam: "Don't freak out, ok?"
Me: "Ok, what?"
Adam: "I've been in a wreck. I'm ok, but I'm pretty sure your car is totaled."

All I could think about was the wreck I drove past yesterday: 4 cars on the highway; police and paramedics cutting people out of cars and pulling them away on stretchers. I had to remind myself that he had called me, said he was ok, and I had to take him at his word. Within minutes, I had my wet hair pulled back, some clothes thrown on, and was on my way out the door to go make sure he was, as he said, "ok". I had to see with my own eyes.

I kept thinking it must have been pretty bad if he thought the car was totaled, but I wasn't prepared for what I saw when I pulled up. The entire intersection where his accident had taken place was coned off. There were fire trucks, police cars, ambulances, and service people from those vehicles everywhere. And there was my Adam...standing in the middle of all the chaos. Without a scrape on his body.

That was the first time I started to cry. How could he be standing there unscathed?! What a tremendous blessing, and what amazing evidence of God's loving hand protecting my husband!
I didn't even know how thankful I should be until I saw my little Pontiac Sunfire crumpled to pieces on the side of the road.

(No, our car was not that dirty. Everything flew
out of the glove box when the passenger air bag deployed.)

Yes, we lost a car today, but we didn't lose Adam. God's grace is so great, and so undeserved. All day, every minute I was with him, I kept thinking, "What would I be doing right now if he were gone?". I am so deeply thankful I don't have to answer that question.

Thank You, sweet, precious, loving Jesus, for sparing Adam today. For going beyond that, and giving him only some tiny bumps and bruises to show for his first accident. Thank you that we have good insurance, and that You are not only our Protector, but our Provider in this situation. Though we don't know what will happen from here, we know it will be from You.


Hayley McCarthy said...

Well I am at work in tears..maybe it's because I am pregnant, but I don't think so!

Anonymous said...

"Don't freak out, okay?"....sweet. So glad he's okay.


steve said...

Beautiful post. It's amazing how God can take something so horrible and spin it so that He gets the glory and we begin to cherish the things that He cherishes - always making us look more and more like Him.

Thanks for sharing not only your story, but your heart.

Hurricanes are nothing compared to what you've been through, but God used Ike to show Miranda and I some of the same sorts of things.

God Bless. We're praying for you guys.

In Christ, Steve

Krista Sanders said...

Praise God from whom all blessing flow and flow and flow.......
So thankful all is well, Tori.