Thursday, July 3, 2008

thursday thirteen

Yep, it must be Thursday, and I must be bored! I haven't done a 'Thursday Thirteen' entry in awhile. Thankfully, my days this Summer have been filled with lots of monogramming work, fun lunch dates from time to time, and catching up on some much-needed house cleaning.

To further my house-cleaning motivation...

Thursday Thirteen:
Thirteen Things I Need to Schedule and Clean Weekly

1. Floors. With 2 dogs in and out all day every day, they get so dirty so fast!

2. Glass. You know you do it, too. Leave that tiny toothpaste splat on the mirror in your bathroom 'till next week. It's gross. I need to stop putting that off. Yick.

3. The Fridge. If I can manage to clean out the uneaten left-overs once a week, I won't have mysterious containers hiding out in the back of my fridge. I am generally pretty good about this, but need to get better.

4. The Dog's Food Bowls. I mean, they're dogs. They'll be fine. It just looks icky.

5. My Sewing Workroom. From the threads that seem to grow like grass in my carpet to the slivers of trimmed fabric, this room desperately needs more attention than it gets in the cleaning department.

6. Kitchen Counter-Tops. Don't misunderstand me - My sweet husband wipes these down nearly every night after he does the dishes (yep, HE does them!), but I really should deep clean them at least a couple of times a month.

7. Toilets. No explanation needed.

8. Dusting. Our amazingly beautiful bedroom furniture sure does collect dust. From my side of the bed, it seems like I can see the reflection of the dust on the dresser at such an angle that it always looks like it's an inch thicker than the night before.

9. The Computer Nook. Since it's in a corner, it collects dust bunnies nicely, and there are always extra paper pieces that "just didn't print right" that need to be thrown in the recycle bin. I just always put it off.

10. The Coffee Table. It's not close enough to the couches to use as a table, so there isn't sticky food or anything on it. Just lots of dust and the occasional Hershey's kiss wrapper from the candy jar.

11. The Dogs. Yep. Especially this time of year. They love to go outside and roll around in the dirt and grass. I could probably eliminate half of the things on this list if I just kept the dogs cleaner!

12. Our Closet. Simple things like picking up that shirt that missed going into the hamper, or arranging the shoes so they aren't in a pile and I can actually see them.

13. The Laundry Area. Since it's in the garage, I tend to neglect it and put it in the "Adam's Area" category. I shouldn't do that. If I straightened it up, I'd probably get done with laundry a lot quicker!

Another thing I haven't done in awhile: High/Low's.


HIGH: Adam has the day off tomorrow!
LOW: We don't have anywhere to watch fireworks yet.
HIGH: God is still in control, even when I don't understand what in the world is happening.
LOW: A tough day yesterday.
HIGH: Getting to go see my mom's new apartment in a little while!

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