Sunday, June 29, 2008

harbor day

Libby & "Uncle Adam"

Libby with her Daddy, Erick

Underwater Mark

My Handsome Husband

We spent all day yesterday at Hurricane Harbor in Arlington celebrating our niece, Libby's, 8th birthday. We weren't able to go to her birthday party a couple of weeks ago (because we had to attend 2 weddings back to back - how's that for an excuse), so we wanted to do something extra special instead. It has been ten years since the last time I went to Hurricane Harbor, and it seems to get a little smaller for each year I grow older.

I'm not sure if the kids or the adults had more fun playing in the Kiddie Lagoon area. We loved it! These are just 4 of the nearly 200 pictures we took throughout the day. Today, we may look like lobsters, but it was worth it!
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ruminations of a redhead said...

So I was thinking. And I don't think it was 10 years ago. That would have been 1998, we would have been in 8th grade. And Turtle went with us to Harbor Day, and we definitely did not know Turtle in 8th grade. And Germ was with us too, and I don't think he came around until we were in like 10th grade. Just thinking. I couldn't believe it had been 10 years, so I had to figure it out!