Wednesday, April 16, 2008

a weekend with Libby

This weekend, we had our first ever house guest: our niece, Libby. She came over Friday night, spent the night on our oh-so-luxurious air mattress, and was awakened with kisses from the dogs on Saturday morning. As you can see from the picture above, we think the real reason she wanted to spend the night was to play with Uncle Adam's PlayStation 3. They were quite a pair, and spent most of Friday night and Saturday morning planted on the sofa in their pajamas, controllers in hand.

Saturday, we took Libby home to Keller, where they were having their annual 'Keller Crawfish Crawl' festival. It stunk like crawfish. Yelch. While we were walking around "downtown Keller", Adam and I discovered that we both really enjoy antique shopping. It's exciting to know that after being together for over 4 years, and fast approaching our 1st anniversary, we still have so much to learn about one another! Now I can't wait to take him to my favorite antique malls!

We spent the rest of the evening at Milestone Church, where my brother leads worship. I am always so moved by his Spirit-led singing. And what a blessing to get to bring Adam's brother's family along with us. The beautiful sunset over Eagle Mountain Lake was another sweet blessing on our way home.

What a great weekend!
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Jessica said...

I know! Isn't it so cool to find new things out about each other? It's amazing what you don't know even when you've been married to the person for awhile :) And that is awesome to have something in common like that. I can see some good date nights coming for you! ;)