Saturday, March 1, 2008

in a nut-shell

Okay, I'm obviously bored. Adam is paint-balling today. And so...

10 years ago:
I was 14. In my freshman year of high school at old WHHS. My love of music was just developing, and I was beginning to realize that everything was going to change now that we were high schoolers.

5 years ago: I was 19. I was in my first year of college at TCC, and taking some of the hardest courses I would take during my entire college career. I had fun riding to school with my best friend, making fun of the bazillion smokers, and watching Jesus play piano. We stayed up way too late on a regular basis. I had just started keeping miss Avery Grace, and was fast falling in love with that little one!

1 year ago: One year ago, it was a little over two months until my wedding day! I was taking classes at UTA, getting ready for my bridal portraits, and on edge with my mom on a pretty regular basis :)! We were planning our honeymoon to Grand Cayman, and getting work finished up on our amazing house.

Yesterday: In one word: productive. I was high energy for some reason, and got tons accomplished. Then, Laura called me in the middle of the day to tell me they got a house in Benbrook less than 5 minutes from us! YAY! I just thought I was high energy before that. I deep cleaned the kitchen countertops, swept, did 2 loads of laundry, and then got ready to go out to La Playa Maya for Stepharnie's birthday. Afterward, we went to see Step Up 2: The Streets. It was hilarious, but the dancing was really amazing! A skill I definitely don't posses.

5 snacks I enjoy:
1. Duh. Chips and hot sauce.
2. A bowl of cereal.

3. Goldfish crackers
4.Toaster toast with butter
5. Tortillas and sour cream dip.

5 things I would do with 100 million dollars:
1. Buy a new computer. I just noticed that a little piece is broken off of my laptop. Bummer.
2. Pay off every bit of debt
3. Get a new car. An SUV.
4. Pay for the entire youth group to go to camp for the next 5 years or something.
5. Go back to Grand Cayman.

5 places I would run away to:
1. I like home a lot.
2. Grand Cayman
3. Memaw's House
4. The old Laing house on Brandon Lane.
5. Newport Beach

5 bad habits:
1. Scratching my head
2. Sneaking Hershey kisses
3. Computer time
4. Brushing my teeth too hard
5. Not living in the here and now...waiting for whatever is next.

My favorite song at the moment: (hardest question ever)
1. Faithful - Brooke Fraser

5 people I tag to do this:

I don't. I think maybe 2 or 3 people actually read this EVER, so I tag no one.
Kit from the Farm

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Jessica said...

More people read it than you think! I just got a blogger, so I thought I would send you a quick comment! And I totally identify with Bad Habit #2, sneaking Hershey Kisses...guilty! Probably my worst is sneaking chocolate chips...aweful. Anyway, its great running into you at the Y sometimes! I always get so motivated when I see people I know =) Have a great week!