Friday, November 2, 2007

All We Wanted was a Nice Bedroom!

Oh my goodness. What a week! More specifically, what a past-24-hours.

Adam and I have been looking forward, since our April wedding, to getting a nice bedroom suit later in the year. So, now it's "later", and we've been looking for good deals on a sleigh bed bedroom suit.

We were so excited to have found one listed in the Star-Telegram that was only a couple of years old, and being sold for less than 1/2 of the price we'd been looking at! I mean, that kind of thing just doesn't happen. Well... you know the saying, "If something seems too good to be true, it probably is"? That just became my motto.

We went out to Saginaw (about 25 minutes away), looked at the furniture, paid for it, spent forever loading it up in Adam's truck, and finally made our way back home with even the back seats filled with furniture. Yay! We got home and Blake was kind enough to come help us unload it, because there was no way I could help Adam lift this stuff. It's solid. We got the bed set up in the bedroom, finally, and were ready to put our box springs and mattress in it. The fun part!! ----Or so I thought.


Yep, that's right. The bed we'd purchased was a California King size, and our bed is an Eastern King. Was that listed in the advertisement? No. So we called to see if we could get our money back. Thankfully, the woman told us it would be no problem, to bring it back over. Before we had the chance to do that (within about an hour), she sent us a text message saying she no longer had the money. Whaaat?! We opted to head over to her house, furniture in tow, and try to make an exchange.

After sitting in the dark (it was now around 10:30 p.m.) in front of her house for a good 45 minutes, getting no returned calls, and then finally talking to her boyfriend who assured us we would never see the money again, we gave up. (We also tried calling the Saginaw police department. They put us on hold for around 18 minutes. THE POLICE! Come ON!)

So, now we have a garage full of beautiful furniture that we can't use. We're doing our best to sell it, so if you know anyone who needs a California King bed set...let me know!

On the bright side, Adam and I did order a beautiful duvet cover for our bed from Pottery Barn! It is so pretty...see?

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