Saturday, February 23, 2013

Valentine's Day

Sweet Allie got to go on her first Valentine's date with her daddy this year.

Chick-Fil-A does this amazing 'Daddy Daughter Date Night', and it was
just the perfect thing for Adam and Allie to celebrate Valentine's Day.

They got all dressed up, and went to meet some friends of ours for their big date night.

The best part of their date night...{drumroll}...Horse-drawn carriage rides! What?!

Allie and I made heart-shaped pizzas for Valentine's lunch.
{While she, of course, wore a princess dress and mommy's necklace.}

Bubba wasn't a pizza fan, so he had a good old hot dog.

One of my very favorite mommy duties is getting things ready so that my kids wake up to
exciting, special goodies on holidays. This was our Valentine's morning spread.

We bought Peter Pan for one of the kids' gifts, and had a movie night
with pallets on the floor. So fun! Love these little memories!

One of my little Valentine's. Love her, and I love that I'm teaching my kids
to make these "little" holidays fun and special just like my mom and grandmother taught me.

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