Friday, May 11, 2012

My {Instagram} Week, Vol. 2

So, really, this is "My Instagram Past-Couple-of-Weeks

Clearly, having two kids has yet to allow me time for much blogging. I need to be writing down all of the things I'm thinking and learning during this season, but for now, some scribbles in my bedside journal will have to do.

My first outing with both kids by myself: church. We went to our
monthly women's luncheon where they had free ice cream to kick off the summer!

My poor little buddy protesting me taking photos
of him in his almost-too-small Little Brother shirt.

It's already getting pretty warm during the day, so
I've been trying to take Allie and Wyatt on morning walks
before the heat gets too bad. Allie loves to climb up on these
big rocks up the street, and has learned to ask mommy to
"Take a picture and send it to daddy!"

Another way we're "beating the heat" already - our neighborhood
Spray Park! So excited to have this within walking distance!

Sweet Wyatt is loving sleeping in his Miracle Blanket. (Definitely my all-time
favorite baby product. It's a life-saver! He has even been sleeping 6-7 hours a night!!!

If that's not a miracle, I don't know what is!

I seriously can't help but snap a picture every time she "holds" him.
 I am loving watching Wyatt become more
responsive and show more emotion! Love these baby grins.

On a morning walk with our babies!

This is what Wyatt enjoys doing while Allie runs her little self
to death at the Spray Park.

We ventured out, this week, for Wyatt's first
visit to Memaw's house. I love seeing my kids
getting to know my sweet Memaw.

Allie loves to "Yay yike Wyatt".

Our sweet boy - one month old already! It's been a month full of adjustments, sleepless nights, a few tears, lots of laughter, zillions of sweet baby and toddler snuggles, and lots of prayer. I am so blessed to be living this life as mommy to these two precious kids!

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Michelle said...

These are such adorable pictures! Your kids are so cute!