Saturday, March 3, 2012

Countdown {7 Weeks}...and a word from God

So, as I've written in previous posts, I have battled a lot of fear surrounding the arrival of this precious baby boy. For some reason, the Enemy continues to take hold of my thoughts, causing me to continually think about all of the challenges: no sleep, still taking care of Allie, finding time to spend with family, the challenges of getting out of the house with 2 little ones, no sleep, no sleep, no sleep.

I have begun praying specific scriptures over myself and sweet baby Wyatt to combat all of these fears, and it has been amazing to see how God has transformed my thoughts! One day this week, while in the shower, I was praying, and God so clearly spoke to me, saying, "In these next weeks and months, I will SUSTAIN you. I am your SUSTAINER. However, I am the God over ALL things, and I will not only SUSTAIN you, I will cause you to rise up and FLOURISH in this new season. Trust me."

Wow. I'll take it!

I'm about to get ready for Baby Shower 1 of 2 this week! So excited! I'm sure I'll have lots of fun things to post in next week's countdown about the fun showers! We are so blessed to have precious family and friends who want to bless us and our sweet boy!

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