Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Playtime at the Park

How blessed are we to have this beautiful little pond and park
area just up the block from our new house?! We have so enjoyed the random
 70 degree "winter" days!

Our sweet girl *loves* playing at the park.

Swinging in the sunset.

She is becoming so independent. I still want to hold her hand as she climbs up
every stair, and slides down every slide, but she doesn't need that anymore. She's so brave
and excited about trying everything in sight. I know I'll be grateful for this in the spring
after our little guy arrives and I can walk them up to the park together and let her play.

I'm so thankful for Adam. I love that he is a runner. I love that he is
building that healthy lifestyle into our sweet girl's life. I love that he takes her
on a run, and then to the park, any time he is able to, so that I can have some time
to myself in the late afternoon. Any mom knows what a treat that is, and
I know it will become more and more scarce as we welcome baby #2.

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