Saturday, February 25, 2012

Countdown {8 weeks}

Eight Weeks!

This week, my goal was to get our master bedroom a little more settled, so that we can prepare to have baby Wyatt share our room for awhile after he arrives. I accomplished nothing in this area, to be totally honest.

I've been shopping for two things: sheets/pillowcases and curtains.

1. WHY are sheets so stinking expensive?! What in the world?! Even just to buy a pair of king-sized pillow-cases for our bed would be $30 most places! And that would only cover 2 of our pillows! Sheesh. I'm looking into making a trip to Anna's Linens, because it looks like their prices are more reasonable. Anyone ever been?

2. WHY do I have to special-order curtains over 84" long? Annoying.

What I did accomplish this week, however, was spending lots of quality time with my sweet Allie girl.

We got to have two fun play dates at friends' houses, and even spent half of Friday at the zoo with our Mommy Group from church! It was so fun!

I know that there is still much to be done, but it will get done. We'll get there...

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