Friday, September 16, 2011

Pinteresting, Vol. 2

It's "Pinterest Friday"! I started this several weeks ago, before chaos ensued in our household, so I'm picking it back up today...

This week's topic is my future living room. We move in 4 weeks, and I am SO excited to have a fresh palette to work with in the new house! (Hubby even said we could sell our couches and get some new living room furniture! I can't wait!) These photos are inspiring me in choosing my color schemes and designs...

I SO want to find a soft, gray couch like this one. I am also
a huge fan of the trio of mirrors hanging together.

Are those curtains cute, or what? Understated,
but still a bit funky.

I want every single one of these pillows. (Realistically, I'll
probably make my own new sofa pillows, but if I could find these
fabrics, I would copy these in a heartbeat.)

I love the warmth of this living area. Not
a big fan of the mirror/window things, but 
everything else can stay.

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