Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The 4th

So I'm late on my 4th of July post, but here's a short synopsis of our festivities. As I'm sure you've learned by now, I write best with pictures. {I'm a visual learner. I love that we can attach photos to everything with all of our technological devices these days!}

Our tiny girl wore the same dress she wore last year! Who'd have thought
she could wear the same dress at 6 months old, and again
at 18 months old!? {It was definitely pretty short, though.}

We went to a friend's lake house, and got to spend some time
with some of our favorite people before we shot off fireworks. {I use the term
"we" loosely. I am not a "firework shooter". I am a "stand far away at a safe
distance and watch fireworks" kind of girl.}

Before we went to the lake, we enjoyed dinner
with friends at our favorite restaurant, Joe T. Garcia's.
Alliebean loves to play in the fountains on their
enormous patio.

Adam showing Allie the water at Eagle Mountain Lake. Sweet
daddy/daughter moments.

Coolest thing ever. We got to send up paper
lanterns! {Mine actually fell into the water, because
it got too hot, and I let go of it too early. Sad!}

We have one brave daughter! She LOVED the fireworks. She wasn't scared
at all! Here she is with our sweet friend Meghan, watching a roman candle.

Ok, so I hate blurry pictures. Hate 'em. But I
couldn't resist posting this one of Allie with
my brother, Blake. They are like two peas in a pod.
Both ready for lots of explosive fireworks!
It was a fun day with family and friends. We stayed out at the lake house until 10! For this type A, scheduled, routine-oriented mama, that was a big stretch! Allie was a pro, though. She cried when we left the fireworks, came straight home, and went to sleep just like it was her normal bedtime. That's my girl!

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Hannah xx said...

Very cute dress. Looks like a lovely day.