Sunday, July 25, 2010


It's always a bummer when you go on a trip to Target and see that they've already started putting the school supplies and uniforms out. I mean, it's still July - let the kids enjoy their break! Summer is my favorite time of year, so I always hate to see any signs that it's coming to a close. (Though, here in Texas, summer seems to last well into October most years.)

This year is going by so fast. Much faster than I'd like, in many ways. Allie will be 7 months old this coming Friday, and it will be August next week! I've been doing lots of thinking lately about what life was like in the Rieger household a year ago. A year ago, we still didn't even know that our little bundle of joy was going to be a girl. We were counting down to our gender sonogram, and waiting (quite impatiently) to find out the big news. I was sifting through dozens of websites, looking for the perfect boy or girl bedding and baby furniture. Such a fun season! It's so funny that last year at this time, Adam and I were saying, "Next year at this time, we'll have a 6-month-old baby entertaining us!" It's unbelievable that time has passed by so fast!

I'm looking so forward to these next few months of 2010: our first family vacation in October, Allie's first holiday season, first Christmas, and just 5 days later, her first birthday! So many fun things to look forward to! I'm not going to live with my bags packed, though. I'm going to unpack right here, in the middle of this wonderful summer, and enjoy my precious baby girl being a baby girl...

Allie - 4th of July - In a dress her sweet Memaw made for her.

The Rieger Family - 4th of July - all decked out in our Red, White, and Blue!

That said, I'll go join my precious husband and daughter watching the Ranger game. Is this really the life I get to live?! God is SO good to me!

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