Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Six Months

Our Allie is SIX MONTHS OLD! I cannot believe we've already journeyed through half of her first year with us! It is flying by so much faster than I'd ever imagined.

Allie is rolling everywhere these days. Rolling toward toys, toward the dogs, and always off of the blankets we lay down for her to play on. It's almost as if she sees us put the blankets on the floor and thinks, "Nope, I'm not playin' on those. I want to be on the rug!" It drives Adam up crazy, which makes it all pretty fun for me to watch...but don't tell :).

We started her on her first veggies over the 4th of July weekend, and her favorite so far are carrots. Thus far, she has tried pureed carrots, blended green beans, pureed squash, and tonight, sweet potatoes.

She can't get enough of the carrots, pretty much hated the squash, had to get used to the texture of the green beans, and seemed to like her first taste of sweet potatoes. It seems like the orange foods are a big hit at this point. I just hope I don't feed her enough to start changing her skin color! I can't wait to introduce some fruits in the next few weeks and see the facial expressions she makes from the sweet tastes.

Adam and I got to go to the movies for the first time since before Allie was born this past weekend. I think he thought I was joking when I said it felt like a vacation, but it really did! It was so nice to get out for a few hours, just the two of us, and spend some time together. I'm excited to put our monthly date nights back on the calendar. We haven't done a great job of keeping up with those since Allie's arrival, but I guess that's to be expected with the lifestyle adjustments we have been making these past few months.

These first 6 months have been so amazing! Now, I have 6 months left to plan an awesome first birthday party for Allie Joy!

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