Saturday, May 8, 2010

My First Mother's Day

I guess, technically, it's not my "first" Mother's Day - just my first one as a mom. Technically.

Last year, we barely knew Allie existed on Mother's Day. We had the joy of telling our moms about her upcoming arrival for their Mother's Day gift. Such a special memory! Who knew that one year later, I'd be up typing a blog only 8 minutes into Mother's Day while listening to Allie fuss on the baby monitor. (I'm sure she was just excited to be the VERY first to tell me "Happy Mother's Day", and wanted to do so RIGHT on time at midnight.)

I had hoped to have some grand insight to write about on this occasion. I'd anticipated learning an amazing new truth at church, but Allie wasn't very willing to let me pay attention last night. I was, however, reminded of where God has brought me on my seemingly short journey as a mama. Standing in church last night, now sitting at the back instead of the front of the now one-year-old Milestone Church building, hands raised alongside Adam's, I was reminded that, truly, NOTHING is impossible for God. As we sang the bridge to 'Healer' over and over, "Nothing is impossible for You, Nothing is impossible for You..." I was reminded how tightly I clung to those words when we were waiting to get pregnant. No, we didn't have great difficulty or trials in this area, but I think that the heart of any woman who desires motherhood is so anxious and ready to know that a healthy, happy, baby is finally being formed by the Creator's hands. I clung to the scriptures that claimed "nothing is impossible with God". Truly, HE IS FAITHFUL! I couldn't help but tear up tonight as I sang those words, seeing my wonderful husband next to me as he held our baby girl with one hand, and raised the other in praise to the God who has given us more than we could've ever dared to hope for (Eph. 3:20).

Thank you, Jesus, for the gift of being Allie's mom. Please grant me wisdom and knowledge, sensitivity to your Spirit's leading, patience, and gentleness to know how to mother her day in and day out. Bless my relationship with her, and let it always be healthy, fruitful, and pleasing to You above all else. Grow her to be an amazing, Spirit-filled, Godly, joyful, healthy young woman of God who runs after You with every ounce of her being. Thank you for the ways you are already growing these traits and character qualities in her, and the ways you are already beginning to draw her unto yourself, Jesus. Bless little Allie, and cause me to be a blessing to her!


Jenn said...

Happy Mothers Day Tori!

Tori said...

Thanks, Jenn! You, too!