Sunday, September 6, 2009

Surprise Baby Shower

About 3 weekends ago, my Dad invited Adam and I over to his house for breakfast. This is a big deal. My dad makes breakfast like nobody else can. The menu always includes scrambled eggs, perfectly toasted cheese toast, bacon, sausage, orange juice, and sometimes boasts biscuits and gravy, too. Needless to say - we told him we'd be there bright and early!

Upon arriving at Dad's downtown apartment, we walked in to hear him say, "Welcome to your first baby shower!" As we looked around, he had gone all out in decorating everything with touches of pink for our baby girl! He even had pink paper plates and cups, pink napkins, and a pink tablecloth! In the living room, there were 4 gifts wrapped up on the coffee table. Fun!!

We ate breakfast, and then headed into the living room to open gifts! We got pretty pink hangers, a pacifier thermometer, a cute shirt, and a dishwasher basket for baby's goodies. I love all those little detail items! Then, Dad said there was "a little something else", and went into the other room to retrieve a box that was almost as tall as ME. It was our Playard! We were so surprised! THEN, Dad said there was even MORE! He said he might even need help with the next one! It was a HUGE box! When we finally got through the double-layered wrapping paper, we discovered it was the travel system (stroller, baby car seat, and car seat dock) we'd picked out for the baby!

When we left, Adam looked at me and said, "Now we're going to have to go pick out more stuff for our registry!" It was such a fun and exciting morning!

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Jessica said...

That was SO sweet of him to do!!! awwww! What a fun morning and surprise baby shower :)

Amy G said...

Your dad is so sweet! That is great that you have a ton of stuff already. You need the car seat and the pack n play to get through those first weeks, so that is great. Oh and I love the pack n play colors, those are great. I have not seen those colors. I am super excited for you guys. You need to post some belly pics!

The Looney Kids said...

How fun is that! What a great time!

megs said...

love it!

Krista Sanders said...

That might be one of the sweetest things ever. Thoughtful Daddy you have!