Wednesday, January 7, 2009


2009. I cannot believe it's 2009! I love the beginning of a new year. I love how fresh, new, and promising everything feels.

I forget that I should feel like that every single day. "His mercies are new every morning."

Though Adam spent several days fighting with a nasty cold, and it was soon passed on to me to enjoy over Christmas week...we had a wonderful Christmas. We got to spend time with lots of friends and family. Here are some pictures of how we spent our holidays...

Memaw got out the old accordion she's had since she was 12
on Christmas morning. It's amazing...all made of ivory because it was
before plastic!

We had my dad over for Christmas Eve dinner again this year,
and my mom was sweet enough come by, and to take pictures, but I'm
sad I didn't get any with her!

Our little niece, Libby, got a scooter from Santa,
and Adam had to try it out, too.

Libby & her dad, Erick, Adam's older brother.

Blakie and I on Christmas Eve. Forgive my sickly-ness.

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