Wednesday, October 8, 2008

happy year-and-a-half-aversary to us!

This month, Adam and I will be married for a year and a half. Last year, when we reached the 6-month milestone, Adam took me down to San Antonio for a weekend, and we had a blast! I'd never been, and it was a whole new world. We decided, after that, to make it one of our first Rieger family traditions, and take the trip each fall.

Last weekend, we spent our second annual weekend in San Antonio. We visited Sea World, which was so exciting and fun! We got to feed dolphins, pet them, and see two great shows with Killer Whales, Balouga Whales, acrobats, and Dolphins. The weather was perfect, and we stayed in a beautiful, historic hotel built in the 1920's right next to the Alamo.

How blessed I am to have a sweet husband who treasures our marriage enough to want to take me to do fun, special things like that!

Take a look at our Sea World pictures on our Flickr Page if you get a chance...they're fun!

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Krista Sanders said...

So fun to begin these things! When kids are added to the mix, they will love them too! Your blog looks great!