Monday, May 26, 2008

cruisin' into summer

Today, our 10 days of summer vacation come to an end. I am so blessed to have an amazing husband who wants to take me to do fun and exciting things! We left at noon on Friday the 17th and drove down to Galveston. Saturday morning, we woke up early, got ready, and headed for our amazing CRUISE SHIP!!

After wandering through a few snake-like lines to check in, we finally boarded the huge boat.

It was SO big!

We went up to the very top deck and lounged around
until the boat left a few hours later. While we were laying up on top,
a reporter from the Spanish channel came up there and asked us to
be in an intro for her show, so we became TV stars! A pretty
exciting start to our vacation, I must say!

We got to watch a beautiful (though chilly) sunset
our first night on the boat.

My handsome husband!

We were so excited and surprised to find a cute little
towel animal on our beautifully turned-down bed after
watching the sunset

I love this picture of the two of us at dinner the first night!

Our first day at sea, the pool area was packed!

The second night was our formal night at dinner,
so we got to get all dressed up!

Our second towel animal was a doggie. So cute!

I confess: I ate this yummy molten chocolate cake
every single night at dinner

I loved sitting in our little porthole seat all week long.

See the "al" in "Carnival"? Our portholes were the
ones directly under the "al", except we were on the other side
of the ship.

Our first port was Cozumel, Mexico. Isn't this beautiful? Adam
made reservations for us at this gorgeous private beach. We
even got to go snorkeling!

Lovely, aren't we?

We took the underwater camera, which is
always fun to use. That's our little snorkel guide in the water

The fish were practically swarming all around us
right at the surface. Hopefully you can make out the fish
tail in the picture above.

Yay, finally a picture with the ship!

The third night, we got an adorable ape!

The second port was Progreso, Mexico. We got amazing
massages by the amazing masseurs above. Best massage I've ever had.

After our massage, we walked along the beach.

Our ship docked in Progreso.

It was so windy, I thought my skirt would be invisible
in this picture, but apparently I lucked out!

The next adorable animal we got was an elephant.
How cute is he?

Our last day on the ship was spent relaxing in the sun.

At dinner, our waiters were gracious enough
to pose for a picture with us. Their names were
Edgar and Wayhu. They were great!

We enjoyed one last sunset before heading inside on the final
night at sea.

It was such a memorable, fun vacation! Although I ate more than I think I've ever eaten in my life, got a little sunburned, and felt the boat move from time to time, I would do it again in a heartbeat.

When we got home late Thursday afternoon, it was so nice to know he still had 4 days off work.

We had such a relaxing weekend, went to Colonial in the terrible Texas heat on Sunday, and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon at the movies today.

I'm so thankful.


Courtney said...

Looks like it was such a blast! You can't beat cruising for serious relaxation!!!

Krista Sanders said...

Wow-- so fun. The towel animals were something I have never heard of! So glad you got to do that!!