Tuesday, April 8, 2008

happy 21st, brother

(Sorry I'm one day late on my post, B.)

My little baby brother turned 21 yesterday. He was so sweet to set aside time to spend with all of the women who were pulling him in every possible direction: Memaw, Mom, me, and his precious girlfriend, Kristen. He managed to please all 4 of us...a feat not many men could handle!

When I found out I was going to go from being the only child to being a big sister, I'm told that I began to pray. (Actually, I'm told that I had been praying for a "baby brother or sister" for quite awhile before that.) I concluded that I wanted a little sister, and prayed for just that.

Though I was only 3 1/2 when Blake was born, I remember the day vividly. I stayed at a
friend's house when mom and dad went to the hospital, and anxiously waited for my dad to pick me up and tell me all about the baby. When he picked me up, he informed me that my "little sister" was, in fact, a brother.

At 3, I replied, "That's ok. I really wanted a brother anyway." I didn't know then how true that statement would be! Blake and I have always shared a very special relationship. As kids, we played together happily, pretending to be every animal under the sun, and a million other "pretend" games. We were best friends.

At 21, Blake is working full-time using all of the amazing gifts and talents the Lord has given him. He is an extremely talented graphic designer and a Spirit-led worship leader at Milestone Church. I am so deeply proud of him for following God's lead in his life, and for pouring himself out to his church. Blake is still one of my very best friends and favorite people in the whole world.

Happy Birthday, BB. I love you the very most!
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