Saturday, March 22, 2008

He Is Risen!

I love Easter. It's so full of mystery and renewal. I've seen a lot of hype lately about the linen shroud that supposedly covered the body of Jesus during his short time in the tomb. It's really interesting to me that these "scientists" don't believe it's possible that Jesus raised from the dead, and yet they have this cloth that they claim was wrapped around His dead body. If their view were true, wouldn't it still be on his dead body? It's just silly and sad to me to hear unbelievers try to make sense of Christ's sacrifice for us.

I mean, really, as a believer of 20 years, I know that it is totally irrational for anyone to try to "make sense" of the mystery that is Jesus Christ. All I can do is trust in Him, and trust His word.

We recently went to an exhibit at the Kimball Art Museum called "Early Christian Art". It was very interesting to see the stories that early believers clung to and found vital to their walks with God. The story of God's faithfulness in Jonah's life was more prominent than any other, which I found surprising. Anyway, my favorite piece was this beautiful gold cross adorned with all sorts of precious stones. At the intersection, there was a circle cut out of the gold. The description of the piece said that the open circle in the middle used to hold an actual piece of the cross on which Christ himself was hung and crucified. Can you imagine seeing even a piece of the cross? I was so humbled. It was kind of like the "six degrees of separation" game. I was standing there, next to the gold cross that once held a piece of the cross that was touched by Jesus. That's only like three degrees of separation. I'm so human in my thought processes. I mean, I was so humbled and astounded to be there, looking at that! How quickly I forget that I have direct access to my Savior. I can go directly to His throne any time!

I am so thankful that the veil is torn, and He has sacrificed Himself so that I can have fellowship with Him!

Have a Happy Easter, and remember His gift of life!

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