Saturday, January 26, 2008

utterly random. i'm sorry in advance.

Other than your name, what was the last name someone called you?
"Wife". (No, he doesn't walk around saying, "Hey, wife!")

How old were your parents when you were born?
Hmmm..Mom was 23, Dad was 28.

If you could find one long lost friend of the past, who would it be?
My friend Jennifer from 5th grade. We used to have fun during P.E....haha

Was your sixth grade teacher a man or a woman?
I had like 8 6th grade teachers. The outstanding one I remember is Mrs. Creed.

What was the last thing you drank?
Iced Sweet Tea. YUM.

At what age do you think a person starts to get old?
When they start to think of themselves as old. Did you know Sly Stallone is 62?!

What was the last thing you celebrated?
My brother's new job.

Have you ever had any teeth pulled?
I had my wisdom teeth surgically removed when I was 19. OW.

What was the first job you ever had?
GAP salesclerk.

Do you wash your hair or your body first when taking a shower?

Are your parents still married?
I hate this question. No. Divorced 2 1/2 years ago.

What is the toy you remember the most as a kid?
Water Babies!!! Mine's name was Emily. LOVED her.

Do you think you will vote this year?

What was the last thing you cooked in the oven?
I made homemade chips from corn tortillas.

What craft do you think your good at?

What was the first tape/cd/record you owned?
I think it was probably Amy Grant's 'Heart In Motion' cassette tape.

Have you ever eaten something other people might think is gross?
I eat peanut butter with scrambled eggs. SO good.

What famous person do you like that others may not?
Lauren Conrad, Jennifer Garner, Scarlette Johanssen

Have you ever invented anything?
My FabriCards are a pretty good invention, I think.

Where is the most unique place you like to eat?
I'm super picky, so I don't really go to 'unique' places to eat.

Who do you think you clash with the most?
A specific person? I dunno...

What time of day are you most likely sitting on your couch?
It depends...

What color is your toothbrush?

What is the closest grocery store to your house?
Albertson's or Brookshire's

When was the last time you colored with crayons?
Way too long ago!

Have you ever owned a plant? What was it?
I own 2, but I think one is dying.

Have you met anyone famous?
Yep. Amy Grant and Sinbad

What was the worst injury you have ever had?
Probably fracturing a bone in my foot in '04 only 6 weeks before going on a mission trip to Athens, Greece. This, my friends, is why I gave up running.

At thanksgiving dinner, what is the first thing you go for?
Mashed Potatoes and Macaroni

When you were a kid, who was your best pal?

Do you have any special talents?
Eh, I dunno.

Have you ever been to a nursing home?

What kind of job did your mom have when you were growing up?
She stayed home when we were young, then she did various jobs, mostly at Dillard's.

Have you ever known anyone thats been on tv, including you?

What was the most interesting animal you have seen in the wild?
A baby deer! Or maybe a turkey.

What holiday do you enjoy the most?
I like them all...Easter, Christmas, you name it.

What was the first video game you ever played?
Excike Bike? Excite Bike? Something like that.

What is the one thing you own, that if it got lost, you would be bummed?
My cell phone, I guess.

Do you have a favorite breakfast item?
I love the 'Viva Le French Toast' plate at Ihop. YUM.

What do you find yourself buying all the time?
Supplies for my business, groceries.

When was the last time you got a real letter in the mail?
Probably over Christmas, if Christmas newsletters count.

Do you have a most prized piece of jewelry?
A pearl necklace that belonged to my aunt before she passed away.

Do you own any board games?
Yep, 4 I think. Apples to Apples!!!

What article of clothing would you say you need more of in your wordrobe?
Shoes. I can't get enough!

What chore seems the most daunting right now?

Were you born in the state you live in?

Have you ever lived in a house that has been broken into?
I don't think so.

What is your favorite cheese?
Sharp Cheddar.

Who do you know that watches the most sports?

What was the last magazine you read?
Woman's Day

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