Thursday, January 31, 2008

thursday thirteen

I've been on a diet for about a month now. We are trying really hard to focus on healthy eating habits, and establish them early in our marriage, so that we can have a health-conscious family. It has been a tough adjustment, but a good one.

13 Foods I Miss Eating...

1. Totino's Oven Pizza
2. Macaroni & Cheese (which we have sometimes, in small portions)
3. Ore-Ida Oven French Fries
4. Handfulls of goldfish crackers (which, at our house, are now packaged in snack-sized bags)
5. Regular bread.
6. Cheese nachos
7. Chicken Express
8. Corny Dogs
9. Powdered Sugar Doughnuts
10. Ice Cream after dinner
11. Chips out of the bag
12. Reese's Cups
13. A Chili's Burger with seasoned fries.

My mouth is watering....yum. I really do feel better eating soups, salads, homemade pizzas, and grilled chicken than I did when I was eating the things off of that list.

Everything in moderation, right? Haha...

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