Wednesday, November 21, 2007

best . birthday . ever .

24. Twenty-four years old.

Do you think anyone actually feels as old as they are? I mean, anyone over the age of 18, I suppose. I've asked this question to several people lately, because I've realized that I don't consider myself to be a day over 18 at times.

Today has been wonderful. I got wonderful gifts, got to spend sweet time with friends and family, and even made Christmas stockings for Adam and I. Then, tonight, we went to Chili's so that I could have my favorite dessert in the entire world: Molten Chocolate Cake...YUM. And just when I thought it couldn't get any better, we came home, and Adam built an award-winning fire, and I roasted marshmallows for awhile. We didn't even turn on the tv. That's a big deal in our house.

Tomorrow will be full of busyness and people-pleasing. I hope that more than that, it is marked by a thankful attitude within me, that rejoices in the new way I spend holidays, and does not wish for the way it once was. My God has been so faithful in my 23rd year. How can I not trust Him completely in the first day of my 24th?

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